Choose among brand name systems from Dell, HP and Lenovo according to your business needs. Whether you require high performance or mobility, a variety of choices will be made available to suit your requirements and budget.
IBM servers deliver leading performance and reliability with Power Systems, System X, and a variety of disk and tape storage options.

Dell servers provide affordable, scalable, high performance options for small and large IT infrastructures. Dell offers a wide range of server options like tower, rack, and blade options for a customized fit and the flexibility to start small before scaling up. Dell’s PowerEdge servers are available in many options 1U and 2U options with a variety of processor, memory, and disk options. Dell servers are perfect for mail servers, web development, file and print sharing, high performance applications, and backup solutions.

HP’s affordable ProLiant ML line offers smaller organizations looking for enterprise solutions at a bargain price. The ML line is targeted for low-risk networking, file and print, and Internet access solutions, while providing maximum internal disk storage and I/O flexibility. HP’s ProLiant DL line is a low cost fit for email, networking, virtualization, and messaging platforms.

HP’s ProLiant line ranges from smaller 1U rack servers to 8U workhorse machines with maximum scalability. HP’s blade server options are Gartner’s Leader of the Magic Quadrant for blade servers. These blade options are utilized by organizations in need of maximum processing power within one enclosure.

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HP : With a diverse selection of storage options, HP provides enterprise solutions with its MSA and EVA lines.


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